About Us

Our Experiences Work for Your Estate or Downsizing Sale

about_pageLife Made Simple Again embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of our boomer generation. We are in the third act of our life. We have taken a lifetime of personal and professional experiences and packaged it into a client-focused estate sale business.


We Have Walked the Path You Are On

Collectively and independently, each team member has settled a family estate—doled out keepsakes to others who would cherish the items, kept what was most important as part of our heritage or a sentimental memory, and finally sold items that had meaning or value only to someone now gone.

We also have faced career and life tumults only to discover it is possible and quite nice to live with less. We have downsized, and discovered it is possible to live and enjoy another day.

Today, we are ready to put our experiences and knowledge to work for you.


Creativity and Business Smarts for Your Estate Sale

Nancy-Gay Rowland is company owner, CEO. She grew-up in a household furnished with grandparents’ wedding presents. Upon establishing her own homestead, “new” usually meant she just found it–a chair, table, or trinket–at an antique shop, estate sale, or flea market. She appreciates furnishings that have a history all their own.

Three decades in consumer advertising enable her to write captivating prose about your estate.

Stints in real estate, plus retail sales and merchandising, and an almost compulsive desire to organize stuff (need your sock drawer arranged?) result in a penchant to gather your lifetime collections into attractive presentations.

Nancy-Gay holds a BBA in Marketing from Georgia State University. She is a member of Antiques & Collectibles National Association.


We Never Stop Learning or Improving

While there currently is no classroom session or textbook on “how to do estate sales,” the education is organic and on-going. We take past experiences and cumulative knowledge and apply it to your household. Research—on-line, in person, and from periodicals and books—is constant.

We staff your sale based upon several criteria that reflect the needs of your particular situation. Our over-riding concern is a good return for your investment in our service coupled with fair and reasonable prices for sale shoppers (many of whom are repeat buyers).