Estate Sales

We Tailor Our Services to Fit Your Estate Needs


estate_sale_pageNo Two Households Are Alike

Your needs, service requirements, and time we allocate to prepare, conduct, and wrap-up your estate sale are tailored to fit. We take into account your total estate offerings to determine how many days to do all the prep work, and conduct the sale.


A Punch List of Estate Sale Tasks

Wherever you are in the process of settling an estate, we can pick-up, follow-through, and execute. We have a punch list of nineteen tasks we consider essential for your estate sale. Prep work can take anywhere from a couple days to two weeks.

We catalog furniture by room, and define categories for the rest of your household items.

Your estate sale is advertised on-line and in select, appropriate print media. Photos also capture estate sale shoppers’ attention, and we provide plenty of pictures plus photo descriptions. (Please ask us why this is so important.)

Your total estate offerings will call for a two to four day event. Professionally created signs (that go up each morning and come down each night—to keep peace in the neighborhood!) direct traffic to your sale, and attract additional passer-by shoppers.

The end of the sale does not mean the end of our work. After we close the door on the last shopper, we supervise the charity pick-up, broom-clean floors, and damp sponge clean counter tops.

Within ten days, you will receive a final inventory, sale statement, and proceeds check, along with charity inventory and receipt.

Decide what you want to keep as part of your heritage. Then, let us find good homes for all the rest.


Tap Our Network of Professionals to Complete the Process

After you deal with personal property, there’s the house to sell or rent. If your to-do list is long and time is short, we have a roster of professionals—from sparkling cleaning services to top-notch real estate agents ready to help.


Business Liquidations Also Fall into the Estate Sales Realm

If your decedent had a business that is part of the estate, we can help you liquidate its related assets. A business liquidation sale functions much like a personal property estate sale with prep work, cataloging and defining categories. Marketing for a business liquidation sale can include industry- or area-specific business-to-business advertising.

Our purpose at Life Made Simple Again is to pick-up where you need to stop and complete the process of settling the estate for you.

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