Downsizing Sales

Let’s Make Your Next Move Easy


downsizing_pageSmaller Quarters Mean “Less Stuff”
Hurrah! You have decided to move to smaller quarters. Obviously, you cannot take every stick of furniture, no need for so much of this or that (think Christmas decorations, spare bedroom furniture, and so on), so you have “the makings” for a great downsizing sale.

Change your lifestyle and home décor–a move to a more carefree or casual environment calls for new furniture and furnishings. Sell the old and generate some cash to buy new. Sweet deal.


There’s More Than One Reason to Downsize

If your need to downsize is predicated on a pending divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale, please know that we include a strong dash of discretion in how we promote your sale.


Downsizing To-Dos

The tasks for downsizing mirror settling an estate. There are drawers, closets, and storage boxes to empty. Throughout the house, you need to decide what to keep or sell. Don’t worry about charity donations until we meet to review those unwanted items. The best time to do this work is before you put your house on the market.

Your real estate agent can provide staging tips to make your home show-ready.


Downsizing Sales Call for Action—Now!

Timing for a downsizing sale is critical. You can do it before you put the house on the market, or right after you have a sale contract. The second scenario is tricky as most real estate sale contracts call for closing and possession within a binding, limited timeframe—often thirty days or less, so time is of the essence to get a lot accomplished.

Downsizing sales require a tight work schedule. We have a task punch list to meet the challenge. We start with an inventory of the furniture and categories of household items you want to sell.

On-line postings and select print media advertising promote your downsizing sale. Crisp photos catch sale shoppers’ attention, and we add photo descriptions. (Please ask us why we do this.)

Professionally created directional signs lead shoppers, including passers-by, to your sale.

After we thank the last shopper, we will supervise a charity pick-up of unsold items, if you wish.

Within ten days, you will receive the sale inventory and statement, proceeds check, charity donation report and receipt.

Some of our past clients say downsizing is liberating. We agree, and look forward to helping you realize a Life Made Simple Again.

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