Downsizing Households

Your Decision to Downsize Requires Questions, Plans, and Edits

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It could hit when you wake up one morning and discover your stuff has stuff…or the umpteenth time you have to cut the grass…or when your last child moves out…it is that decision to downsize your home and lifestyle.  It’s an exciting decision to make, but before you rush and put a for sale sign in the front yard, give some serious thought and planning into how, why, where, and what you want to downsize.  How and why do you want to downsize:  do you want a different house–one on a smaller lot or on one level?  If you are ready to let someone else tend to the yard, roof, and leaky faucets, then maybe a condo or apartment is for you.   Consider lifestyle accommodations that are important to you such as pet restrictions, minimum age for residency, access to pool or fitness center, shopping, hospitals, favorite entertainment venues, etc.  Where do you want to live:  are you ready to pull up stakes and move to another state or city? Or, is a different neighborhood enough of a move for you?  If you have the luxury of going anywhere, but don’t know where that could be, an online search is a low-cost starting place.  There are plenty of online articles that cover the best places to retire to, best states for single women, cheapest cities, etc.  One fun, thought provoking site to help with decision making is This site asks a series of questions from the size of city you want to live in to whether you want to catch your fish in a stream or grocery, and offers suggestions based on your choices. What do you want to downsize:  thoughtfully edit your possessions.  Will your  90” sofa fit or over-power a smaller living room?  Should you keep the standing mixer you use only twice a year?  And, what about all those suits, cocktail dresses, high heels, etcetera.  Is it time to simplify your wardrobe too? When you have a good handle on your downsizing decisions, plans, and edits, you are ready to call in the pros:  a real estate agent to handle the marketing, negotiating, and legal aspects of selling your house; and Life Made Simple Again to manage and conduct your cash-generating downsizing...

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